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Roof Painting

If you decide to have your roof tiles sealed or painted GM Services will first treat your roof to kill all moss, lichen and fungus. Doing this enhances the cleaning process and helps to ensure that when we have removed the moss and are pressure washing your roof we will not spread live spores to your drive, grass or onto neighboring properties. We will then retreat your roof to ensure that any remaining spores or fungus are killed before applying the sealant or paint. GM Services can clean slate roofs from the gutter line and will not need to get up on the roof.

We can also include the Gutter Cleaning which may be clogged with moss and weeds.

If your roof is in a poor state of repair or looks dirty or is covered with moss and lichen, please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation.

Applying paint, with a 10 year guarantee,  to a roof. Roof painting by G M Services, Cork, Ireland Range of colours offered for roof painting by G M Services, Cork, Ireland
We offer a range of colours and all work is fully guaranteed

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